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I Had Breakfast!

Well, anyone that knows me knows I don't eat breakfast. Well rarely, and today, I had breakfast with my sister and her friend at Denny's. It was not bad. I felt really full afterwards though. That's good I guess, since that means it's filling. Haha.worth the money I guess o.o.... anyway, this week end hasn't been all that productive. I wish I was a harder worker. I'm always tired in class cause I slack off so much and end up having to lose sleep in order to finish homework >< anyway, I got a picture of what I ate today :D it's 'Ultimate Omelette' lol :)
But it seems I cannot add pictures on my phone.... so maybe next time xP

Homework and Studying

I had a stats lab exam session today, it was pretty pointless but I guess it was okay. There's a econ midterm on Tuesday, a stats lab due on Wednesday and my korean oral exam on Wednesday.... Guess that doesn't sound too bad haha, must study hard!! Need to get 80+% on that econ midterm! >=( I don't have to work the shift I took for my co-worker anymore! =D Cause we hired some more people and they took it =) more time to study~ haha, I can't wait till it's the break >_< -sigh-  My sister and I started to watch Metabots again, haha. It's pretty good XD It's funny =) brings back memories~ ^-^ well. it's time for me to go back to work xP

Bored on the Bus

So, I decided since I'm bored on the bus, what better than to update my blog right? Haha. This week has been busy and next week is going to be no different. I'm wondering why I decided to take my co-worker's shuft for her :/ I'm just killing myself with more work and stress......... I really do hope I can make it into business this year >< maybe I should start studying early for my finals.... the same guy is pissing me off everyday. I wish I will never need to see him again >> such a waste of space he is. -.- oh time to get off the bus. I'll continue later~


Sigh..... today, I sort of explained a depressing life story of mine to two friends. And.... I'm depressed now.... I guess it's something I didn't want to remember. Thinking back, I'm surprised I'm still alive, because.... I did feel like I wanted to die and dissapear from the world after it happened. But I guess the only reason I'm alive today is because I think suicide is for the week and I shouldn't run away. I remember crying for weeks afterwards. It's all in the past now, but 'letting go of the past' is easier said than done. Maybe I'm just being really stupid. I hope everything goes well.....

Tiring Day Dx

Well, Summer is almost over. D: It went by so fast.... how can summer go by so fast yet school goes by so slow.... Today, I had work, it was extremely boring Dx It seems work is always boring since no one really comes.... though I did buy A LOT of chocolate so I can melt and make shapes! I did a test run today.... and it sort of failed D: I shall try again tomorrow (>_<)

On Tuesday! I'm having a few friends over! I can't wait! =) I originally wanted to make three cakes.... but I found out I didn't have milk, and I doubt I can go buy some since I have chocolate milk..... Now I can't make the cakes D: maybe, I'll go buy some milk anyway (>_<)" -sighs- I wonder what time I should wake up =/ should probably wake up early to prepare lunch XP

I sure hope university won't be too much of a hassle! (@. @)

 WOW! I'm so PISSED OFF!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS TSUNKU THINKING?! Adding FIVE members to S/mileage, like what the **** man!!!! You know, I'd be pissed, but not AS pissed if the five at least had some TALENT! I mean wow, way to ruin one of my favourite japanese groups man. Also, the original members had to work their butts off to debut as S/mileage, and here five new members can just waltz in and join while sharing the same name the original members had to work so hard for? WHAT IS THIS?! Like the original members had to stand in the streets and hand out fliers and take those pictures for a month. They were in training together, they had to do everything. That's so unfair to them, obviously they were clearly crying when the new members were being announced. I mean did you just fall down the stairs and hit your head or something Tsunku?? I mean come on man! I even agreed with you about the SHOCK! song by C-ute where I think you did a good job in making Airi sing the whole thing, but this?! THIS is just wrong >:( It's like doing a project, finishing it, then suddenly some people come and put their names on it and take credit for something they didn't do. ARGH! I hope the OLD S/mileage with FOUR members will come back >:(

Buono!'s New Song

 So it seems Buono!'s new song came out today, well the music video did anyway. Natsu Dakara. I did say I was gonna do a talk about it, however I'm in no mood therefore, I'll just leave it at that.


 IT'S MASSU'S BIRTHAY!!!!!! =D I totally forgot how old he is but oh wells.... haha!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Masuda Takahisa!!!!! ;D born the same day as Jin but who cares about Jin? =P (I just dug my own grave)

Speaking of which...... Massu was born on independence day.... which means.... oh sh** it's my parents anniversary........ omg! How could I forget..... ( > _ < ) I'm such a bad child.....

Haven't posted in a LONG time!!!!

 Wow! When was the last time I posted?! (>_<) Been so busy with school and everything!!!! Summer just started =) finally, but nothing productive is being done XD just sleep, work, anime, drama, computer (^^") well.... I guess it's called summer vacation for a reason lol.... oh yeah! on the chinese channel!!!!! They're playing a drama called 'Mysteries of Love' staring Raymond Lam and Tavia!!!!! OMG I love that series so much!!!!! I'm gonna watch it for the third time while it plays on tv =D!!!!! haha I'm so obsessed ( ^ ^ ) but it is a good series =D

I recently found out Morimoto Ryutaro from Hey! Say! JUMP was caught underage smoking =( I'm so disappointed..... -sighs- I even considered  him my little brother (>_<) and for him to smoke?! UNDERAGE! He's asking to be disowned (;  A ;) argh..... but good thing is.... Hey! Say! JUMP is finally releasing a new single..... though Johnny's is like..... not producing very good stuff now ( > >) It's horrible, even NEWS is effect.... wtf he just wants to promote Arashi like crazy >:(

H!P Has been as productive as ever!!!!! OMG I have been so behind in my music rants!!!! I'll probably just skip to start off with Buono!'s newest one when it comes out on the 20th (>_<) YES BUONO! IS RELEASING A NEW SINGLE!!!!! They actually released one earlier, but I was busy with stuff (>_<) I thought they'd be inactive once Shugo Chara ended but I guess I was wrong :'D so happy~

My high school career is now over.... I wish it did last longer =( I've made so many new friends since that incident.... I never thought I'd make another friend again (@ . @ ) I hope university won't be too hard..... I gave up wanting to be a pharmacist for doing business, because of the stress the IB labs were giving me..... XP but I think I'll find happiness in being a business woman too =)

That's all for today!!!! Hopefully I can post more now that it's summer vacation~ ( ^ - ^ )

Pissed Off

 Holy crap! I'm so pissed off I want to throw something! LIke WTF! I totally fell asleep when I got home, telling my parents to wake me up when dinner was ready but nooooooo they wake me up four hours later! LIKE HOLY CRAP I'M SO PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW! I mean four hours! I COULD'VE BEEN DOING MY LABS AND MATH PORTFOLIO WITH THREE AND A HALF IN THOSE FOUR HOURS! I'M SO PISSED OFF I WANT TO THROW SOMETHING OR BREAK SOMETHING! ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wjawirmiunrtrtkdslsdmfmjeoirjotaerhi3wuiwn3h4ip qt4hpihf4pih WE and now i'm pounding like crazy on my keyboard to show my rage!