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Such a Deep Anime

I just finished watching this anime called "Listen to Me Girls, I Am Your Father!" or directly is "Listen to Your Daddy!" Now you may wonder, wth why did you click on an anime with such a name. I just had a gut feeling it would be good, I mean you can really trust a girl's gut feelings. Indeed this anime was very good. It was about this main character boy who's a college student but when he was young his parents died and his sister took the responsibility to raise him so they can be together. Now that he's a college student and his sister's married and has three kids, the asked him to look after the kids for a few days while they're on a trip and the plane they were riding crashed and there were no survivors. The family wanted to split the kids up and have different parts of the family take them in, but the guy decided to take them all under his care so they can be together. This really shows a lot of courage and responsibility. It also show's how people who do not have money to spend like water actually care about their money spending habits.

It really really ticks me off when kids who don't even know how to earn their own money yet can spend their parents' money like water, I'm serious, this one guy in my grade 8 class was all "my shirt was $500 and my vest is $700 don't even talk about my jeans, they're like $600" like wth, is it that cool to be spending your parents money like water? I mean he's not even from a rich family either, his family runs a chinese restaurant and they have to pay employers, work day to night, do all these calculations I mean running a family restaurant isn't all fun and games, it's hard work. And seriously, how practical is it to spend $500 on a freaking shirt. I can buy at LEAST 100 shirts with that kind of money. Like I'm not dirt poor but I don't waste money like that. Kids who don't earn their own money with their own hard work and sweat won't understand the hardship of needing to save up. $500 can buy at least two months worth of groceries. And blowing it off on just ONE shirt that you're only going to wear a couple of times just isn't worth it.

Going back into how the anime plays into this, the average class family in the anime went from average class to pretty poor. They realized they can't be picky about food because that food is actually quite expensive and if they don't eat it, it'll just be thrown out and it's such a waste of money. Kids realize how to manage their money and not just blow it off on stuff that are obviously overpriced and learn to live together happily while helping each other out when in need. This anime really made me think and open my eyes to something. Life can really change within a snap of fingers, and instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you need to do something to change it. I mean, if life is already at it's worse, it can only get better right? But hey, you gotta do something yourself for it to get better, things don't just come and go. You need to work for it. The characters all working so hard for each other really makes me feel like I should work harder, instead of wasting time doing nothing and being useless.

P.S Don't you kinda hate it when there are people that literally do NOTHING BUT mope about how miserable their life is? Like isn't it better to DO SOMETHING about it, then trying to get sympathy from others? I mean I got a friend who literally texts me nothing but, "Hey Sylvia, what are you doing? I'm doing nothing, Life sucks. I'm so miserable" I'm not even kidding, everyday if not every two days.............. I"m being very serious!! >_< yeah, anyway until next time!! xP


May. 4th, 2012 03:11 am (UTC)
Inspiring post. And I agree with you.

Edited at 2012-05-04 03:13 am (UTC)



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