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What a Rude Sales Lady

Wow, so much for customer service nowadays, there was such a rude sales lady I ran into today. I dunno about anyone else. But if there's nobody around the change room and some rooms are open and others are not. Then I'd assume you go into a room that's open. The lady was all "next time, ask for a room" and well excuse me, where the poo (refraining from swearing for the sake of my friend) where you for me to ask. And may I ask why some rooms were left open and unattended. Also, why would you throw the goods you sell on the floor by mistake, I mean people buy that stuff dude. You're making it filthy and disgusting by throwing it over the shelf and on the ground and leaving it there. What the poo =.= her attitude to customers is so rude. I swear if karma is real she'd be fired >> I feel so mean saying this but, I feel disgusted breathing the same air as people like that. I mean you're a sales lady, at least have SOME manners, really. Don't you ever learn anything in school. Her tone of voice is so rude omg. I should just stop thinking about it and not waste my time.

Anyway, I got a new watch today >w< cause my old one broke, and the one an uncle gave me is too big for my wrist Dx so yeah.... I got one that was on sale :P that's why I went out or a whilw my friend :D who should know I'm talking to you hehe :) I like to rant a lot xP. I wonder why the stores close at 5 but the mall closes at 6.... doesn't make sense to me..... and now I gotta study hard for finals xP let's all study hard together! :D

Best of luck to us all~



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