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Copy Cats

Honestly, I hate copy cats. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm fine with clashing clothes with someone else or stuff like that. I mean like, everyone I know from high school were like "I'm going into sciences, I'm going to be a pharmacist, I want to be a dentist" and then there's me "I want to go into business", now everyone that was all "I'm going to be a pharmacist/dentist" is like "I'm going into business" and I"m like wtf. They then proceed to ask me which business I want to go into and I'm like ".... Marketing?" and surprise surprise, they're now going for Marketing and my very same minor..... WTF Okay people, make up your mind yourself, why are you following me? It really pisses me off sometimes.

I also had this person from elementary, she was like "I'm taking spring/summer courses cause I want the credits" me: Oh good for you. She then asks me what I'm going to do in the summer, I say I want two jobs, and she asks where I want to get my second job, and I say "the bank" she's all "Oh I want to work at the bank, which one?" and I'm like "..... the one by millwoods town centre?" and she's like "Oh I'll go there too" okay woman, you just said you were going to school wtf why you go where I go, there are SOOOOO many other places everywhere, why are you asking me what I'm doing then proceeding to follow me???? I just don't get it. Why is everyone I talk to who are from my high school classes asking me what I want to do, then proceeding to copy my every move?

I bet you're thinking "that's good? People want to be like you", no..... just no, =( because if everyone is doing what I planned on doing since 7th grade..... then it'll be the hardest thing in the world to find a job when I do graduate. =( I feel so upset everyday. I wish people were to follow what they want to do and stop asking me everything so they can just follow me.



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