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You know, I hate it, I repeat, I HATE it, when people ask you. "what happens if you fail?" when someone asks me that, I just want to go "don't talk to me", like..... if you're going to be so caught up in the "what if you don't succeed" then you never will succeed in the first place. It's like "I want to get into med", their reply? "Oh, that's nice, but what if you fail?" Okay shut the **** up and don't talk to me again, I really hate those people, it's like they're discouraging you.

I want to go into business and this is a known fact around my friends, but some acquaintances are always asking me "what if you don't get in?" or "what if you fail five years in a row?" Okay F*** you and go away. Don't talk to me and I don't even want to see your face again. I hate people like that, "you have to think of plan B, it just might happen" well screw you, if you try hard enough you can achieve anything. Don't tell me to always think I'll fail. Most of my friends are nice and say "I'm sure you'll get in" yeah, that helps boosts your confidence and you'll work harder and it's good, I love my friends who always encourage me, I just hate those people who, before saying anything else, will always ask "what if you fail?" Just because your life sucks and is a failure doesn't mean mine has to be too. Don't talk to me, don't come near me.

I got so pissed off because this girl I knew since elementary came up to me at the bus stop and was like "You still want to get into business?" and I reply, "yeah" and first thing she replies "what if you fail? what if you never get in? will you keep trying even when you're 30?" Okay B**** shut up and leave. I don't want to see your face. I really hate these people =( and I hope they know their words are really discouraging and upsetting.



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