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When People Rely on You

From the title of this entry, I'm sure you have a basic idea of what I'm going to say. First of all, I have no problem with people relying on me; however, there is and should be a limit to how much someone relies on you and you don't usually notice at first that someone is relying on you too much until it's too late. As many university students know, the last few weeks of school before the finals are probably one of the busiest, because profs are trying to get all the material taught and making sure their students are ready for their exams. This week for me is exceptionally busy because I had a korean listening test yesterday, I have to get my readings for east asian studies done so I can start my essay, I have a korean oral exam tomorrow and a psych research paper due on Thursday. Obviously, I was hoping to get all this done with flying colours, however, when I got home last night after class. I found a pile of paperwork for 'me' to do because my aunt is english illiterate and apparently cannot fill out her own medication claim forms.... here I'm thinking "what?" Because she had left me an old copy and said to" just copy the format of this one" okay, first of all, if you're capable of filling your own claim form then get off your lazy butt and fill it yourself. I don't have time to fill out all your claim forms.... I've filled out three for her in the past year, but I didn't mind them cause I was not as busy and stressed as I am now. This time, she wasn't even asking, it was an order. She just dropped it off and said she'd come pick it up tomorrow and it better be done. "What?" She came as she said she would today and I'm like omfg I hate this.

Not only that, a certain someone, has been borrowing my notes like more than six times cause she and her boyfriend are always skipping classes. At first I was like okay, then as she asked more and more I'm starting to get pissed off. Like.... she didn't even return my last notes and asked for new ones. Now I'm missing and entire chapter worth of notes and I feel so upset everyday. Right before the second midterm, this person asked me to send her the questions on the site where you purchase a code to log on, it's similar to the math, stats, econ, and pysch ones. If you know what I mean, and like, dude with the way she worded things, I thought she meant the review the prof put on the class website, that made me really pissed off already, what kind of moron can't go online in the class website to download the review sheet? So I went "whatever" and sent it to her. Not even a second later, she calls me and says "YOU SENT ME THE WRONG ONE!!!!" okay WOMAN I'm NOT obligated to send you ANYTHING, don't come asking me two days before the exam to send you freaking 55 questions that won't work unless it's print screened for each and every question. NO, just no. I waste so much time on these people, and sometimes I ask myself, why do I bother. Why do I bother putting on a mask that doesn't show how upset and pissed off I am, and why can I not say no? I sometimes, wish I was a complete B**** so then I could refuse someone whenever I wanted. =(


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Apr. 29th, 2013 09:50 pm (UTC)
I usually don't lend people my notes unless I have an extra copy. Tell them to take their own notes. You have the right to say no.
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