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People Want What They Don't Have

I've noticed over time, people want anything they don't have but they don't realize they have something someone else wants because they have it. I'm not just talking about clothes or other inanimate objects, I mean ANYTHING. I use to have a friend who's weight is pretty average and I'd say is fairly healthy, but what does she WANT? To be skinnier, while at the same time, my other friend who is severely (not that severely but getting there) underweight wanted sooooooo much to gain weight. The two girls, want something they both don't have. The girl who is really underweight wanting to gain weight I can understand, but her way of wanting is like being jealous of people that are normal while she's in the process. Wouldn't it be a better process if she didn't care about other people at that time and instead of being jealous focus on gaining weight? And that girl who's average weight, should be happy she's healthy, not upset and jealous of those anorexic skinny to the bone girls, get what I mean? People always want what they don't have. The list can go on, like freedom, if anyone has watched "I'm not stupid" or the chinese name 小孩不笨 I think I might have wrote it wrong but yes it's a chinese movie, It's about two families, one is a poor family and one is a rich family, The parents in the poor family have all the time in the world to spend with their kids and their kids don't like it and want freedom, while the parents in the rich family are spending so much time working to earn money for the family to live comfortably, the kids feel lonely and too free and they want their parents to spare some time for them. This is a very good example of wanting what you don't have, there's nothing wrong with wanting a parents love or wanting more freedom, but why not just embrace what you have and try to get the most out of it? Not like anything you do will change anything.

Also, I've read plenty of manga and watched lots of anime where smart people with photographic memory and learns fast always have people jealous of them, while those smart people are jealous of the normal people. The normal people want to be smart and learn fast so life is "too" easy for them, but the smart people want to have a fun life and have fun learning instead of you know, getting everything in one go and nothing is exciting anymore because you just know you'll get it after learning it once. People should look at what they have, see why people are jealous of what they have and start to live and like what they were born with. Nothing wrong with being naturally smart, make good use of it, be a doctor, do something useful for the world. There's nothing wrong with being average either, make it worthwhile to do something and treasure the experience of being successful because you're average. I myself am quite average, I'm even frustrated about getting into business this year, but I will keep trying, I'll look for some courses I want to learn and will have fun learning. It's all about what you want to think, if you can convince yourself this is fun, then it's fun. People are always going "I hate math, because it's hard and I don't understand" well, if you convinced yourself it's fun and tried to understand it through hard work, I really don't think you'd be saying that anymore, right?

What I meant to say through this post is, people should really embrace themselves than be someone they're not. You may have something someone that has something you want wants. Someone could be jealous of you while you're being jealous of them. So instead of just being jealous of each other, live with what you've got and make the best out of life. You have to live whether you're smiling or frowning, would you rather be living life with a smile or living life with a frown? It's all in your choice.



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